Gun Safety

For law-abiding firearms owners, gun safety starts at home. Safe storage and handling reduces accidents and fatalities and reduces crime by keeping legally-obtained firearms from being stolen and ending up on the streets. This page provides information and resource from partner programs. Check back for updates on Kane County-specific events and programs coming soon.

Safety is our Goal

Gun Safety Starts at Home

Gun Safety Consortium

Through the Gun Safety Consortium, leaders in the public sector are combining their purchasing power, research and expertise to promote gun safety and tackle the problem of unsecured guns in America.

Because a problem as vast and complex as gun-related violence demands multiple approaches, not just legislation.  And because we’ve identified one possible solution that cities, counties and states can help advance—with the right partners.

Unsecured guns are among our top health and safety hazards.  Fewer than half of the nation’s gun owners consistently secure their firearms, according to researchers.  The consequences are deadly:

Every day in America, an estimated 1,000 guns are stolen from homes, vehicles, or businesses — and most of these guns enter trafficking pipelines.  Stolen guns are frequently used in violent crimes, sometimes multiple crimes.

Every day in America, unsecured guns are accessed by unauthorized users, often children, and used in suicides or accidental shootings.

Many of these crimes and deaths are preventable, and it’s the duty of law enforcement and public officials to develop strategies and take action to prevent them.


The BeSMART framework is designed to help parents and adults normalize conversations about gun safety and take responsible actions that can prevent child gun deaths and injuries.

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