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A Safer Kane County.

At the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, we understand that a thriving community is a safer community. While our patrol and emergency response officers do an amazing job and are eager to help, we also want our community to have access to resources and programs that address the root causes of crime and emergency incidents. The tools and programs we offer here keep Kane County Safer From The Start.

A Way Out

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office has adopted a revolutionary new program to assist residents struggling with drug addiction. All types of people find themselves in the throughs of drug addiction, and it can lead to crime and ruined lives. We want to end the stigma and provide residents a safe space to get the help they need. 

Residential treatment Center Project

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Residential Treatment Providers to partner with us in launching the first-ever center for drug treatment located IN the Sheriff’s Office complex. We have seen first hand how drug addiction leads to crime and devastation, and we are committed to being a part of the solution. This groundbreaking partnership is a great opportunity for the right treatment provider.

Gun safety

For law-abiding firearms owners, gun safety starts at home. The Kane County Sheriff’s Office is active in the Gun Safety Consortium, a group of public-sector leaders and private-sector innovators ready to work across partisan lines to reduce the number of gun-related crimes and deaths in America.

A Residential Drug Treatment Center is coming to kane county

at no added cost to Kane County taxpayers. 

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